Benefits of Christian Based Rehab Programs

Christian based rehab programs offer much of the same types of treatment as a traditional addiction rehab program. The difference, however, is that they are committed to helping the addict achieve the goals of sobriety and abstinence through faith-based applications that rely on the beliefs and principles of Christianity where traditional programs rely, solely, on scientific methods and therapeutic techniques.

Faith-based programs focus on the Biblical teachings of Jesus and are beneficial in inspiring the addict during and after their treatment processes. In order for any addiction rehab program to be successful, it must treat the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction, based on the unique needs of the individual.

Addiction is a debilitating disease that affects the mind, body, and soul. For those who are addicted, whether they define themselves as Christians or not, Christian based drug rehab programs offer a chance to get to know Jesus Christ or renew faith in Him through a faith-based approach to the recovery.

Benefits of Christian Based Rehab Programs

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Christian rehab can help you recover today!

Those individuals who attend a Christian based rehab program will learn divine truths and other valuable information and skills that will continue to nurture them as they grow in the knowledge of God. For Christians, addiction is spiritual, in nature, and Christian based rehab programs are designed to strengthen the spirit, reminding us of God’s grace and removing all the emptiness in the soul as, it seemed the addiction had separated us from God. This connection with God is a primary healing factor and as the addict abounds in faith, they trust the healing power of God to restore and guide them and their prior tendencies toward addictive behaviors are replaced with seeking the will of God in their life and making Him the priority.

The teachings of Jesus foster hope through His expressions of love and compassion. Christian based rehab focuses on prayer, worship, Bible study, and pastoral counseling, with help from other clergy to administer needed care. Often, the 12 Step approach is used as a positive reinforcement of faith to structure activities that are beneficial to restoring a person’s sense of self-worth and respect which influences other aspects of their lives in positive ways. This behavioral approach is used in a variety of treatment programs and has proven to be effective in helping the addict retain abstinence. Combining the principles with versus from the Bible increases this effectiveness.

One of the main principles of effective addiction treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is that treatment needs to be readily available. When the addict is ready to seek treatment, the moment is critical and without immediate availability and access to treatment, the addict may be deterred. Many times, the most readily available programs are those that are Christian based rehab programs. These programs are often free or subsidized through church organizations, sponsorships and other community sources, making them more attractable and attainable at that critical time of need. With this showing of compassion to those who need it most, the addict can rest assured that they are in the right place. It is added proof the love of Christ is readily available and they no longer need to bear the burden of addiction alone.