Choosing Crystal Meth Rehab

The majority of people who become addicted to crystal meth need the help of a crystal meth rehab to overcome their addiction. Crystal meth carries with it strong addictive properties and the quantity of the drug that people take will continue to increase over time in order for people to continue to feel the euphoric rush or high that they get from the drug.

What makes Crystal Meth addicting?

Crystal meth is a white and bitter powder that is typically taken by a person adding it to their drink, or by a person injecting it through a needle, or by snorting it through their nose.

According to, once crystal meth enters into a person’s system it increases the release and blocks the reuptake of the brain chemical (or neurotransmitter) dopamine, leading to high levels of the chemical in the brain; which is a common mechanism of action for most drugs of abuse.

Choosing Crystal Meth Rehab

When choosing a crystal meth rehab, you should make sure it as aftercare treatment.

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that causes a person to feel more motivated, happier and more confident. When a drug altering substance, like crystal meth, increases dopamine, a person will be more hyper and motivated and will feel high amounts of pleasure due to the drug’s effects.

Crystal meth is considered an ‘upper’ drug because it causes a user to be more alert and have more energy; it is in the same class of drugs as cocaine, crack, and amphetamines.

Why a Person needs Crystal Meth Rehab

The addictive measures of crystal meth can be overwhelming for a person. When a person decides to stop taking crystal meth they will have withdrawal symptoms just as they would with any other drug.

Being that crystal meth’s main function in a person’s body is to effect the brain chemicals, a person who is coming off of crystal meth is going to deal with far more psychological symptoms than they are physical symptoms. This is why a crystal meth rehab is a wise choice for a person coming off of the drug because a rehab will have a medical doctor available to help with the physical withdrawal symptoms as well as a psychiatrist to help with the psychological symptoms.

The physical withdrawal symptoms typically include headaches, increase in appetite and fatigue and normally do not last very long; it is the psychological effects that can last for long periods of time.

Since crystal meth increases dopamine in the brain, the longer that a person uses the drug the more their dopamine level will become depleted. Once a person comes off of crystal meth their brain will need time to heal in order to create its own dopamine again and it could take a few years to get back to normal.

If a person’s dopamine levels are not normal they will feel depressed and things that used to make them happy will not anymore. Additional psychological withdrawal symptoms, aside from depression include anxiety, mood swings, and irritability.

Crystal meth rehab will help a person overcome the withal symptoms in a healthy manner and will provide a person with the resources to stay clean once they leave the facility.