Top 5 Signs Inpatient Meth Rehab is Right for You

Methamphetamine is perhaps, one of the meanest drugs out there. It causes severe physical and psychological damage and deteriorates the ability to function normally in society. Because meth is a commonly a home-made drug, the chances of relapse are higher than other illicit drugs and inpatient rehab may be necessary.

Inpatient Meth Rehab

Inpatient meth rehab offers the most intensive and comprehensive treatment available for meth addiction recovery. The programs provide access to services 24 hours a day for extended periods of time that can keep one focused and engaged in their recovery.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “there are currently no medications that counteract the specific effects of methamphetamine or that prolong abstinence from and reduce the abuse of methamphetamine by an individual addicted to the drug.”

Treatment, therefore, relies on the ability of the rehab professionals to boost the addict’s motivation to remain abstinent from meth and help them to identify and cope with triggers and high risk situations that would lead them back into the meth abuse.

Signs Inpatient Meth Rehab is Right for You

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In inpatient rehab your recovery is given the time, attention and nurturing you need.

If you have been using meth, you probably realize the impact and control it has over your life, but, what about the effects on others? If you experience any of the following, an inpatient meth rehab is advised:

Emotional Imbalances

Meth is a powerful stimulant that alters brain chemistry and has detrimental effects on the central nervous system. Repeated binges and crashes literally damages nerve cells and short circuits neurotransmissions that can leave you in an emotional uproar. If you are unable to control anger, anxiety, depression, mood swings, or have suicidal ideations inpatient rehab can help you regain control while keeping yourself and others safe.

Paranoia or Delusional Behaviors

If you have experienced paranoia from meth abuse, you may not know that this can lead to severe physical problems as well as psychological ones. Delusional behaviors put you and others in jeopardy and sometimes the psychosis has long term or permanent effects.


Meth withdrawals can cause the person to suffer severe psychological effects and acute cravings which can last for weeks. Given the intensity of meth withdrawals which can include depression hallucinations, or other psychosis, the personalized care of inpatient rehabs provide the best recovery potential.

History of Relapse

Relapse to meth doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Relapse frequencies run high with use of this drug, but, if you have repeatedly attempted to quit unsuccessfully, inpatient rehab is right for you.

Co-Existing Health Problems

Inpatient meth rehab can be highly beneficial if you have co-existing physical or psychological problems that require personal or specialized care. Effective treatment includes these aspects as a critical element of recovery and by integrating resources in inpatient rehab your chances of success can be greatly increased.