Why Can’t I Just Detox at Home?

Those who decide to quit abusing drugs after long-term use often wonder why they should attend a detox program. Many individuals actually decide to go through withdrawal at home instead, which is not the safest option. As well as being more dangerous than attending a professional detox program, it is more likely to lead them into old habits until they eventually relapse back to drug abuse.

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Inpatient Detox and Outpatient Detox

In some cases, withdrawal can cause mild symptoms but, in others, symptoms can be incredibly severe, painful, and even deadly. The latter symptoms (like those experienced in alcohol, stimulant, and opioid withdrawal) may require inpatient detox. In addition, certain individuals may need to attend an inpatient program if they suffer from comorbid psychological disorders or physical issues associated with their drug abuse.

If you are experiencing issues such as the ones mentioned above, it is not safe for you to go through detox at home. You need 24-hour care as well as a restricted environment in which to safely withdraw from the substance you have been abusing.

Still, some individuals are able to successfully attend outpatient detox where they can receive the medications and behavioral treatments they need and go home afterward. Different people require different levels of treatment, but it is always safer for someone in withdrawal to receive some type of treatment, as the entire process is safer and more effective this way.

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Detox Programs vs. Home Detox

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A detox doctor will help you manage withdrawal symptoms and stay safe during detoxification.

It is not as safe, nor are the rates as successful, when someone chooses to go through withdrawal in their home and without some kind of detox treatment. Many individuals live alone and should not spend large amounts of time by themselves while going through withdrawal. This can trigger severe depression, a common symptom of many withdrawal syndromes. In a professional detox center, depression can be treated with medication and therapy, but attempting to go through it alone and without the proper treatments can lead to harmful results.

Another reason detoxing at home can be dangerous is that you will not receive help transitioning into addiction treatment. Many people who detox at home believe their addictions are cured after their withdrawal symptoms begin to subside. This is untrue. According to Staten Island University Hospital, detox is “just one step in a process toward an individual living a clean and sober life,” and it is not a treatment for addiction on its own. Many individuals who go through it at home do not realize the importance of addiction treatment and end up relapsing as a result.

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Don’t Go It Alone

Going through withdrawal at home means you will need to rely only on your own resolve to abstain from drugs. As a result of your addiction, this resolve has been compromised. Avoiding the possibility of relapse is easier and more likely when you have the help of professional clinicians.

It is better to seek treatment at a detox clinic than to attempt to go through the process of withdrawal on your own. This way, you will be more likely to experience a safer and more successful recovery overall by receiving the necessary treatments and transitioning into addiction rehabilitation.