Choosing Between the Different Types of Rehab

Choosing between the different types of rehab that are available to you can be difficult, but it is one of the most important parts of your recovery process. You must consider all of your needs that will be affected by your choice of facility and treatment type as well as those which may have nothing to do with your drug abuse. But there are ways to more easily narrow down your choices based on rehab type.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab

This is one of the most careful decisions you will need to make regarding your treatment. If you need to be in a controlled environment with clinicians constantly monitoring your progress, you should not choose an outpatient facility, just as you shouldn’t unnecessarily attend an inpatient program if you do not need that kind of constant care.

According to an NCBI study, “Patients with high psychiatric severity and/or a poor social support system are predicted to have a better outcome in inpatient treatment.” Those who do not suffer from additional mental disorders, however, and have a strong support system at home will likely fare better in outpatient treatment. Choosing one type of facility based on your needs and the severity of your condition can be easier once you understand the specific differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Natural vs. Medically-assisted Rehab

Medication is a largely beneficial part of many rehab programs; it helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and can be a fantastic supplement to therapeutic treatment. However, some facilities ascribe to the philosophy that the further use of medication will only transfer a person’s addiction from one drug to another. If you feel this way, natural rehab may be the right choice for you. Furthermore, if you are struggling with a long-term addiction, a need for a specific medication, and the ability to take a pharmacological treatment as prescribed without abusing it, medically-assisted rehab may be more beneficial for you.

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Privately Owned vs. Government-run or Nonprofit Rehab

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Privately owned rehab facilities are more likely to provide patients with the option of receiving additional, holistic treatments such as acupuncture, yoga, nutritional classes, and the like. In addition, these facilities often serve gourmet meals and provide patients with roomier accommodations. While this can be a nice way to relax during rehab treatment, it can also be incredibly expensive and something many recovering addicts cannot afford.

Nonprofit rehab facilities are often more likely to provide free or low-cost services. In fact, “SAMHSA data show that private nonprofit organizations operated the majority of facilities offering ‘all free’ care and ‘partial free’ facilities (73.8 and 68.1 percent, respectively).” These types of rehab centers often provide the same basic treatments as more expensive ones and, while they lack the more costly holistic treatments and fancier accommodations, they can provide care to someone who otherwise would not have been able to afford it.

Choosing between the different types of rehab takes time and consideration. You should know what your most important needs are and that they are being met by the rehab center of your choice before you even start to attend treatment. This will help you achieve the recovery you deserve.