Holistic Treatment Methods in Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction impacts and damages the lives of millions of Americans every year. Substance abuse leads to addiction and dependence and when it is left untreated it can cause a person to lose control of their actions and make irrational decisions that they will have to deal with later on.

One of the main ways drugs and alcohol affect a person is through their brain. Consistent drug abuse will alter a person’s dopamine levels in their brain which will result in them feeling more pleasurable and more energized. However, this also messes up the natural functioning of a person’s brain and as time continues a person who is abusing drugs can cause permanent damage to their brain’s chemical makeup.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, if a person continues to abuse drugs, their brain will adapt to the changes in dopamine by producing less dopamine or by reducing the number of dopamine receptors. This process will reduce the abuser’s ability to enjoy the drugs they are taking and it will also make it hard for a person to enjoy other events in their life that previously brought them pleasure.

Furthermore, since the person has a decrease of dopamine they may feel compelled to keep abusing drugs in an attempt to bring the dopamine function back to normal. When a person continues to abuse drugs or alcohol they can form an addiction, which can then lead to dependency. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that most people need treatment for in order to overcome it, and dependency can cause a person to go through painful withdrawals once they begin detoxing from a drug.

holistic rehab

Healthy eating learned in holistic recovery helps individuals learn how to live a drug-free life.

Some people who wish to seek out treatment for their substance abuse problem do not want to take medication to help them detox, or they would rather get treatment that they know they can continue even when they leave the treatment program. When this is the case, holistic treatment seems to be the choice people make.

Holistic Treatment Methods That Help Heal

According to the Center for Education and Information on Drugs and Alcohol, holistic drug treatment programs aim to help drug addicts redesign their life to encourage and accommodate sobriety. For example, people in holistic therapy may take part in counseling sessions to learn strategies for sober living, while they also learn how to make healthy meals and begin doing yoga exercises. In addition, they may also learn how to make time for meditation and spiritual recovery.

Through holistic treatment a person will receive the education and support they need to naturally heal from a drug addiction, and they will learn methods, such as yoga, and meditation that they can incorporate into their lives after they leave the program.