Hydrocodone Addiction Signs to Look Out For

Hydrocodone is widely prescribed for the treatment of mild to moderate and sometimes even severe pain. Although the drug is relatively harmless if taken as prescribed for a short period of time, any abusive use of the drug can lead to addiction. If you or someone you know is taking hydrocodone, either as prescribed or for recreational purposes, recognizing the hydrocodone addiction signs early on may be key to preventing serious consequences.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “any illicit use of a substance is drug abuse; this includes the nonmedical use of prescription drugs.” As such, if any individual takes Hydrocodone without a prescription or takes Hydrocodone for any reason other than for what it is prescribed, they are abusing the drug. Drug abuse often leads to addiction which includes physical and psychological dependence as well as a range of other potential health hazards.

Signs of Addiction

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If you feel sick or anxious when you do not have hydrocodone in your system you may be addicted to the drug.

Don’t let Hydrocodone addiction ruin your life! Recognizing the signs early on can help you make the decision to seek help and to overcome the stronghold that Hydrocodone use has on you. The following signs of addiction should alert you to the need for further help:

  • Using hydrocodone when you are not supposed to take the drug.
  • Taking hydrocodone for reasons other than prescribed such as to get high, to cover up your emotions or to have fun at a party.
  • Taking hydrocodone despite the consequences that this drug has already caused in your life such as health problems, relationship problems, financial struggles or legal troubles.
  • Feeling like you cannot live without hydrocodone.
  • Feeling like you are sick or have the flu when you don’t take hydrocodone.
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have hydrocodone.
  • Using hydrocodone just for the purpose of getting high.
  • Avoiding time with friends or family members in order to take hydrocodone.
  • Spending excessive amounts of time trying to get more hydrocodone or trying to prevent yourself from running out of hydrocodone.
  • Doctor shopping in an attempt to get more prescriptions for hydrocodone when you don’t really “need” the drug.
  • Taking part in illegal activity such as stealing or selling stolen property in order to obtain hydrocodone.
  • Using hydrocodone after you’ve promised yourself or others that you would quit.

These are just some of the most common signs of Hydrocodone addiction that most users exhibit early on. If you know someone who might be addicted to this drug, it’s important to seek professional help before making the courageous move to quit. Quitting cold turkey can be challenging and may leave you more prone to relapse which can be very dangerous.