Is Klonopin Rehab Really Necessary?

Depending on your situation, Klonopin rehab may be necessary. If you have only abused Klonopin a few times and are not addicted, you may not need rehab, but if you have been abusing the drug for quite some time, rehab could be your best option. While it helps facilitate recovery, Klonopin rehab may also be necessary because of the issues caused by Klonopin abuse.

The Dangers of Klonopin Abuse

Many Klonopin abusers need rehab, especially if they have been abusing the drug for more than a few weeks or months. According to the NLM, the abuse of Klonopin in particular may cause withdrawal symptoms that include seizures and hallucinations. Both of these can be dangerous, especially the former for those who have never experienced seizures before. The DEA also states that benzodiazepines in general “are associated with amnesia, hostility, irritability, and vivid or disturbing dreams.”

Because of these dangers, many Klonopin abusers need to recover in a controlled environment where healthcare professionals may monitor their status. If these issues begin occurring in your life because you have been regularly abusing Klonopin, rehab could be necessary in order to ensure that you do not get worse. Klonopin has dangerous side effects, especially because it is used to treat those with seizures, and individuals who abuse them recreationally can experience many other problems as a result.

The Importance of Therapy

klonopin addiction treatment

Rehab can help you stop using Klonopin once and for all.

One of the first treatments used in benzodiazepine rehab is medically-assisted detox. However, just detox is not usually enough to treat Klonopin addiction. According to the NIDA, “Medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use.” This is why Klonopin abusers are told to attend rehab instead of just going through detox.

Your withdrawal symptoms should be managed in Klonopin rehab, and it is very important that they are because of the danger they present. However, therapy actually helps change a patients feelings toward their drug abuse as well as their behavior. This is especially necessary because there isn’t an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of benzodiazepine addiction.

  • Group therapy can bring patients together and allow them to help one another by listening and sharing common experiences.
  • Individualized therapy can focus on a patient’s other mental disorders (depression, anxiety) if they have any and teach them coping skills for the future.

The Needs of Klonopin Addicts

Many Klonopin addicts have needs that cannot be met by just detoxification. They will need formal rehabilitation treatment in order to truly recover. Many benzodiazepine addicts are also abusers of alcohol, cocaine, and opioids which means that they are polydrug abusers or addicts and need treatment for all of these addictions. Some Klonopin abusers are struggling with the loss of a job, financial problems, or legal issues as well, and rehab can be a great help as many treatments exist to aid in these situations.

Klonopin rehab is necessary for those who are addicted to the drug and anyone who has been abusing it regularly. The facility and program you choose should be based on your needs, but your recovery will be much more secure with Klonopin rehab.