Luxury Rehab Benefits

Drug addiction affects people from all walks of life, stealing precious time while wreaking havoc in the personal lives of those affected. According to the University of Oregon, drug-induced deaths have doubled within the last decade, totaling 44,000 deaths per year to date. Rather than fade over time, drug addiction’s effects become increasingly worse the longer a person uses.

Getting the quality of treatment a person needs can mean the difference between life and death or life and living a slow death. Luxury rehab programs offer a variety of treatment benefits not available through traditional and low cost programs. Though cost is most definitely a factor, luxury rehab programs make quality of care a primary focus for addicts in recovery.

Luxury Rehab Programs

Traditional rehab programs, while effective, often follow certain baseline standards of treatment, which inevitably affects the availability and types of services offered. As the effects of addiction are often far-reaching in a person’s life, these programs may lack the resources needed to address each person’s individual treatment needs.

specialized drug rehab

Luxury drug rehab centers have the resources to provide a more personalized treatment experience.

Luxury rehab programs pick up where traditional treatment programs leave off in terms of providing the types of services capable of addressing a person’s individual treatment needs. While certain medical treatment protocols must be followed during detox and inpatient stays, luxury rehab programs offer enhanced treatment services that improve upon standard treatment approaches.

Treatment Benefits

The emphasis on quality of care starts with employing experienced treatment professionals well versed in the addictions field. Within a luxury rehab facility, physicians, therapists and counselors each play an active role in helping a person through the recovery process.

Unlike many traditional treatment programs, luxury rehab facilities work to ensure the patient to staff ratio allows each person to receive one-on-one care on a frequent basis. With larger staff numbers, counselors, therapists and physicians are all the more available to meet patient needs.

Alternative Care Benefits

Alternative care benefits can vary depending on the type of luxury rehab program a person chooses. Alternative care services offered may include:

  • Massage
  • Energy balancing
  • Biking
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Horseback riding

Gourmet cuisine is another alternative benefit available through luxury rehab programs. As proper nutrition can go a long way towards helping the body heal from the damaging effects of addiction., luxury rehab programs place a heavy emphasis on a person’s nutritional needs throughout the recovery process. Not only do residents follow healthy diet plans, but most luxury rehab programs employ chefs who specialize in gourmet cuisine to further enhance the recovery experience.

Aesthetic Benefits

Aesthetic benefits are often the first thing that comes to mind when considering luxury rehab treatment. While a person’s surroundings may seem fairly inconsequential in terms of an effective drug treatment approach, rehab facilities that have a hospital-like feel can actually add to a person’s stress during the recovery process. For this reason, luxury rehab facilities often exist in scenic locations that further promote relaxation and healing during the recovery process.

Facility accommodations also place an added emphasis on aesthetics. Private rooms, large bathrooms, fine linens, and rich, soothing scents all work together to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to healing and recovery.