What Makes Luxury Rehab So Special

Drug addiction knows no bounds when it comes to race, culture and socioeconomic level. Surprisingly, substance abuse rates among affluent populations actually exceed the rates of substance abuse in impoverished populations, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. In effect, affluent populations can be just as susceptible to drug abuse as people with less money and resources.

While substance abuse may exist in most every area of society, people from different socioeconomic levels face different challenges when dealing with addiction problems. Luxury rehab drug treatment programs are structured around the types of challenges someone from an affluent lifestyle faces. Likewise, people accustomed to affluent lifestyles come to expect certain amenities as part of everyday life. Luxury rehab programs are able to meet a person’s treatment needs while providing the type of environment and setting most conducive to his or her lifestyle.

Customized Treatment Approach

While admissions to treatment programs continue to rise with each passing year, dropout rates are no less prevalent. People tend to drop out of treatment when programs fail to address their individual needs and/or circumstances.

rehab with massage

At luxury drug rehab centers you have access to additional amenities to help with your recovery.

Low-cost and traditional rehab programs use a standardized approach to drug treatment that’s designed to meet a person’s basic treatment needs. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for people referred by the court system to enter community-based treatment programs as part of their sentencing requirements. People referred by the courts may have extensive criminal backgrounds with minimal employment histories. In effect, these circumstances come with their own sets of challenges and issues, many of which drive drug addiction behaviors.

In comparison, people coming from more affluent lifestyles deal with drastically different circumstances and challenges. Employment concerns, family issues and related pressures all contribute to a person’s addiction behaviors. Luxury rehab programs offer a customized treatment approach based on a person’s background and current life circumstances.

Treatment Amenities

The addition of certain amenities as part of the overall treatment process becomes the distinguishing factor that sets luxury rehab programs apart from all the rest. While structured drug treatment protocols dictate the core approach use within a luxury rehab program, added amenities help to create a more enhanced treatment experience.

The types of amenities offered may include:

  • Beautiful surroundings (i.e. ocean-side, in the mountains, on an island)
  • Gourmet meals
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Spa treatments
  • Yoga

In effect, luxury rehab programs focus on the recovery aspects of addiction while at the same time offering services designed to promote emotional and spiritual healing throughout the recovery process.

Peer Supports

As part of the drug treatment process, recovering addicts spend most of their time learning how to interact with others in healthy, productive ways. This part of the process becomes easier when peers share similar issues, concerns and interests.

The clientele who attend luxury rehab programs are more likely to come from similar-type backgrounds, making it that much easier to relate to one another’s experiences and problems. As group therapies and support group meetings enable recovering addicts to share experiences and offer advice, participants are more likely to benefit from information shared by individual group members.