Tips for Finding an OxyContin Rehab Program

OxyContin also known generically as Oxycodone is a highly addictive narcotic prescribed for pain relief. Today it is believed more than thirteen million Americans have used Oxycodone at least once recreationally. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) over twenty million adults (18 and over) in America would benefit from addiction treatment (SAMHSA). Sadly, only approximately ten percent ever receive treatment for a variety of reasons. These tips for finding an OxyContin rehab program may help you overcome these intimidating statistics.

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment you will need to be prepared. Planning makes the difference. There are thousands of treatment programs for OxyContin rehab, so finding the one that meets your needs financially, geographically, and spiritually will require some planning.


oxycontin addiction help

When looking for OxyContin addiction treatment, find a program that offers proven methods of treatment.

OxyContin Rehab programs work within the same prevue as other treatment programs. Most are private pay programs, meaning that you will have to pay for your program. This can be accomplished with cash or credit. Most programs will also take private insurance as payment or as partial payment with a co-payment required.

If you cannot afford to pay, or have no insurance coverage for an OxyContin Rehab program then you will need to do research. Many states provide treatment services through social service programs. These services, while available, are limited. Emergent needs take precedence and waitlists often exist. This can be discouraging to those seeking recovery, so doing your homework in advance will help. Make an appointment to see a social service provider.

There are also many non-profit programs available with sliding scale fees. Often times they will contract with state government entities, but contacting them directly can also be effective.


According to a study conducted in 2011 by SAMHSA there are currently over fourteen thousand treatment facilities in the United States. Of these approximately 75% are operated by for-profit and non-profit providers with 56% of these focusing exclusively on substance abuse (SAMHSA Treatment Facilities Study). Finding an OxyContin Rehab program will not be difficult when you are ready. You must however, determine if a location near your support system, or far away from the influences of your addiction will be more appropriate.


In an article in NIH Public Access White and Laudet state; “The most consistent finding is that clients with higher scores on measures of spirituality are more likely to be abstinent following treatment than those with lower scores” (NIH Public Access). Your personal belief system will have an effect on your success in recovery. Finding an OxyContin Rehab program that aligns with your personal spiritual beliefs, may increase your success in overcoming your addiction.

These tips for preparing you to find an appropriate Oxycontin Rehab program will equip you to begin your road to recovery. In seeking help, find a program that most closely meets the criteria that will tip the scales in your favor. Most important is to begin the journey. reach out, and accept help.