Recognizing the Need for Special Services at Teen Drug Rehab

Teen’s struggle with substance abuse and addiction in various ways that often differ greatly from the struggles that adults have with similar issues. The reasons behind a teen’s decision to use drugs are often much different than those behind an adult’s decision to use the same substances. As such, the need for specialized services for teens in drug rehab cannot be overlooked.

Why Treat Teens Different than Adults?

Why is it so important to treat teens different than you would treat adults? What is it that makes varied levels and forms of counseling and treatment necessary for youth versus those who are of an adult age? These questions and many others arise when discussing the concept of providing appropriate drug rehab for teenagers who are suffering from addiction and substance abuse related disorders. The answer—there are many reasons that teens should be treated different than adults in drug rehab, some of those reasons include:

  • teens are NOT adults
  • teens use drugs for reasons much different than adults such as due to peer pressure, to avoid conflict with friends, to fit in, to overcome stress associated with being a teen, or just to have fun
  • teens respond differently to counseling and therapy
  • teens like to feel like they are having fun and if treatment isn’t fun, many teens will not respond
  • teens are distinctly at a different stage of development than adults and the effects of addiction on this stage of development must be considered in treatment

Types of Services in Teen Drug Rehab

teen rehab

Teen rehab helps teenagers heal from the effects of substance abuse.

According to NIDA for Teens, treatment for drug addiction is not a simple process that includes a one-size-fits-all approach. Many different types of services are offered in teen drug rehab to provide those in treatment with the best chance of recovering despite the many differences that each individual may have when compared to the next individual in treatment.

Some of the services that you may find in teen drug rehab include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • trust building exercises and team exercises
  • behavioral therapy, especially CBT
  • academic programs that allow teens to continue studying and taking school courses while in treatment
  • experience therapy including obstacle courses and other activities that boost confidence and sportsmanship
  • various recreational activities including sports, video games, outdoor activities and field trips
  • educational activities that provide information on various forms of substance abuse and the dangers associated with each (recent movements have been more towards providing teens with appropriate information about drugs and the use of certain drugs in an effort to promote safety as many believe that some teens with try drugs regardless of whether they are dangerous so promoting safe use is the next best measure)
  • exercise classes, yoga, pilates or similar activities
  • gender specific groups that allow for a more focused approach to the unique needs of girls versus boys

As you can imagine, teens require unique treatment approaches in order to achieve recovery and they must be in an environment that is both comfortable and accommodating to their needs. Using various treatment services and offerings, many teens are able to overcome the challenges of addiction and set their lives straight once and for all.