Top 5 Recommended Websites for 12-Step Recovery Enhancers

Follow-up recovery efforts after rehab require reading, work and ongoing discussion.  Getting clean and sober is not a simple task.  Fortunately, unlike people combatting alcoholism and addiction in the 1930’s, there are numerous resources to help.

Contacting a counselor or therapist specializing in addiction rehabilitation at 888-414-2380 (Who Answers?) is critical to beginning the journey to a better life.  Researching the sites below for further study after beginning recovery can aid in ongoing success with staying clean and sober.

1. AA Grapevine

The AA Grapevine is known as AA’s meeting in print.  While participants can choose to subscribe to the magazine for current subscriptions, other information is available.  Archives and different articles are available.  A search bar is available on the website for search of specific topics like honesty, serenity or specific steps.  Articles are written by others in recovery, providing a wealth of experience and relate-ablility.

2. All Addicts Anonymous

12-Step Recovery Enhancers

You can find unlimited addiction recovery support online!

AAA is a program for any person who discovers they are struggling with addiction of any sort.  Alcohol, drugs or even behaviors can become troubling.  All Addicts Anonymous focuses on the founding principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The program offers participants a greater emphasis on The Four Absolutes, The Twelve Steps and The Ten Points.  With a clear message about how to combat any form of addiction, the AAA website can connect interested parties to others seeking a historic approach to recovery.

3. Barefoot’s World

While AA, NA and other 12-step program variations are based upon a specific set of principles, some of the fellowship is based upon oral tradition, story-telling and personal beliefs.  This is the general feeling of Barefoot’s World, a site established by “Barefoot Bob Hardison”.

According to the site, it originates in Northern Idaho and contains items of personal interest to its creator. Interestingly, though, it also contains a wealth of resources and historical documentation about the early development of AA.  The site notes Bob died in 2009, but his website lives on to share his experience, strength and hope with others seeking recovery.


Dr. William Silkworth is the doctor who was instrumental in the development of the AA program.  A letter from him is included at the beginning of the book Alcoholics Anonymous in “The Doctor’s Opinion”.  As a doctor who treated Bill Wilson, one of AA’s co-founders, Dr. Silkworth had worked with alcoholics for years, finding them insanely difficulty to treat with any success.  This website offers much about the history of AA, as well as articles that can be insightful for those seeking treatment in today’s more evidence-based society.

I Don’t Believe in God: 3 Options for Secular Addiction Recovery

5. Two Way Prayer

The process of working the twelve steps is designed to bring practitioners into a relationship with a Higher Power.  The eleventh step is “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”  The two way prayer website explores a method of praying, meditating and journaling to bring one into a deeper relationship with a Higher Power.


Most rehabilitation centers employ a variety of evidence-based practices for those seeking recovery from active substance use disorders.  However, most alcoholics and addicts receive aftercare, intensive outpatient therapy and attend support group meetings upon completing treatment.  For most addicts, this type of care is sufficient to promote ongoing recovery and prevent relapse.

Most counselors will recommend ongoing support.  With the availability of web-based support, there are many websites people can access for camaraderie, experience staying away from drugs and alcohol, and shared information about working the steps.  While the websites above offer great information and resources to support ongoing efforts of those adopting a 12-step lifestyle, every case should be individually treated.  If you have specific questions about follow-up care and available resources, call 888-414-2380 (Who Answers?) today to consult with an addiction specialist.


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