Paying for Ambien Rehab

Healthcare costs continue to rise in the face of slow economic growth. Not surprisingly, drug treatment costs are no different. A 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed a lack of health insurance coverage and financial resources in general was the number one reason people in need of drug rehab treatment failed to follow through.

While drug rehab costs remain high, there are more than a few financial assistance options available to people in need of Ambien rehab treatment.

Weighing the Costs

Anyone battling an Ambien addiction well knows the time and money involved with maintaining a ready supply. In the meantime, ongoing use of the drug continues to alter the brain’s overall structure and functional capacity. Even after a person does enter Ambien rehab, the drug’s effects can persist long thereafter.

Ambien Rehab Treatment

Ambien rehab shouldn’t break your budget.

Having to have to pay for Ambien rehab is the last thing a person needs to think about after finally making the decision to get help. If an honest face-to-face cost comparison is made, the cost of maintaining an addiction far exceeds the costs for treatment, let alone the physical and emotional toll an addiction takes.

Free Drug Treatment Services

The widespread abuse of drugs has not gone without notice by state and federal governments. In an effort to help those who can’t afford to pay for Ambien rehab, state and federal government funding has been made available to both profit and nonprofit treatment programs across the country.

In a 2008 survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, out of the 13,688 treatment facilities that responded:

  • 539 facilities offered free drug treatment assistance to any and all clients
  • 6,609 facilities offered free treatment to people who couldn’t afford to pay
  • 6,609 facilities offered no free treatment options

As many drug treatment facilities do receive government funding, a person may be able to find one that offers Ambien rehab treatment for free.

Partial Payment Options

Out of the 6,609 facilities offering no free treatment options in the 2008 survey, half of them did offer partial payment options for people who qualified. These treatment programs tend to cater to people who are temporarily out-of-work and people who fall in the low income category.

Partial payment Ambien rehab programs accept payment on a sliding-fee scale based on a person’s income and/or financial circumstances. Some of these programs also offer the option to pay-off treatment costs over extended time periods.

Insurance Coverage

People currently employed or covered by Medicaid/Medicare health insurance should be able to pay towards Ambien rehab costs through their insurance plans. By law, most health insurance plans must include coverage for drug treatment services. Some health plans may cover certain portions of Ambien rehab, such as detoxification costs, inpatient stays and/or outpatient services. As different policy plans offer different coverages, it’s always best to check with your insurance provider to see which coverage benefits are included.

When comparing public (Medicaid, Medicare) versus private insurance plans, private plans typically offer more options in terms of choice of facility and coverage amounts. Depending on the treatment facility, a person may be able to use their health insurance plan to pay a portion of the costs and pay the remaining balance on a sliding-fee scale.


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