Equine Therapy in Oxycontin Rehab

Oxycontin is highly addictive and is one of the most commonly abused prescription medications on the market. Oxycontin is an opioid that mimics the effects of morphine creating euphoric and sedative effects in a person who is using the drug.

Although Oxycontin is strictly meant for its analgesic properties to help people with pain it has now grown to be known as a drug that people abuse and take to receive its effects of pleasure. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the significant amount of attention that Oxycontin has received is for its addiction problem and abuse, not for its medical uses.

Oxycontin abuse can lead to numerous health concerns including, organ damage, respiratory failure, a coma and possible death if a person overdoses on the drug. Oxycontin will alter the chemical makeup of a user’s brain causing them to feel little to no pain and relaxed, as well as cause them to feel less emotional towards stressful situations that occur in their life.

Equine therapy introduces horses into rehab as a way of teaching responsibility and exercise.

Equine therapy introduces horses into rehab as a way of teaching responsibility and exercise.

Due to the intensity of the effects of Oxycontin people often develop high dependencies to the drug resulting in higher doses of the drug being taken. A person who decides to stop using Oxycontin will experience physical withdrawals from the drug that are highly unpleasant. In addition, people coming off of the drug will also experience psychological withdrawals which need to be addressed through therapy.

Oxycontin rehab is a place where people can receive all of the treatment they need to overcome their addictions, but some people find it boring and do not wish to go to therapy. Equine therapy has been proven successful to help individuals who struggle with their decision to stop using Oxycontin.

Equine Therapy and Oxycontin Rehab

Equine therapy incorporates horses and responsibility into their therapy sessions which enables a person to remain active, as well as be outdoors and receive therapy while being a caregiver to a horse, which is said to be one of the noblest creatures on earth.

Equine therapy will help a person regain control of their life as they learn life skills by helping to take care of a horse. A person in equine therapy will take care of the horse by grooming the horse, feeding the horse and exercising the horse; most equine therapies do not incorporate riding the horse in their program.

Equine therapy will help a person learn to trust themselves again as well as others, and help a person learn responsibility and feel compassion, love, acceptance and confidence again.

In addition, a person in equine therapy will also have therapy sessions with a counselor while they are working with the horse, so equine therapy basically includes two methods of theory in each session.