After they complete their drug or alcohol treatment, recovering addicts have the option of entering into a sober living facility. The sober living facility offers people just out of rehab a place to live that they can be assured will be free of drugs and alcohol. The added benefit is that everyone is committed to helping each other navigate through their issues, and they also have the constant support of the professional staff.

The Purpose of the Sober Living Facility

Recovering addicts often find that the best place to become a whole person again is in a sober living facility. Their addictions caused them to lose their self confidence, and they can regain it more easily in a place where they are surrounded by others who are facing a similar situation. Sober living facilities offer people a place where they will live normal lives doing ordinary things, and it goes a long way in helping them move past their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

When to Consider Obtaining Aftercare Treatment

Drug Addiction Aftercare

Finding the aftercare treatment you need can stop you from future relapse.

People being treated for an addiction will decide if they need to pursue a sober living facility after their treatment is over while they are in an outpatient program. The outpatient program is a way for people to obtain the treatment they need without having to leave their lives behind completely. They can return home after their counseling sessions end, but this can be problematic for some people if they are living in an unstable environment. A sober living facility will take them out of that environment and place them in a safer one that will be a continuation of the treatment they received at the rehab center.

People can also consider entering into an aftercare facility after their inpatient treatment ends. These people may not be ready to step into their family roles right away or to return to their jobs. If their family members were a source of tension for them, these relatives may unwittingly contribute to a relapse into addiction. If individuals in this situation opt to move on to a sober living facility, they have a chance to learn to cope in these environments without returning to their old habits. They have more time to solidify the lessons they learned in rehab, and they have a greater chance of remaining drug and alcohol-free.

The Sober Living Facility’s Rules

Residents of an aftercare facility will need to prepare to live under the facility’s rules, but these rules were created to ensure that the facility is a safe place for recovering addicts to be. Nevertheless, no matter which sober living facility people choose to go to in the country, they can be assured that they will be required to abide by the following rules:

  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed at the facility. The purpose of the sober living facility is to ensure that the residents will be in a drug-free and alcohol-free environment, but some people may try to break this rule. If this happens, the facility will want to have the offender removed, and the staff will be able to do this if they state clearly to everyone entering the facility that drugs and alcohol are off-limits.
  • Residents must limit their visitors. The purpose of this rule is to help keep the people in the facility safe. Therefore, guests will be confined to visiting only during the facility’s pre-determined visiting hours.
  • Residents will have chores to do and other responsibilities to take care of. With so many people living in one place, the entire community needs to come together to help the facility run smoothly. Sober living facilities ensure that this is possible by assigning particular duties that create a clean and organized home. Even if the sober living facility is highly expensive, the residents will find that their names will be on a list of chores that will need to be done for the week.
  • Romantic relationships are not allowed. Of course, the residents will be able to form friendships with one another, but sober living facilities highly discourage any of these relationships turning into physical ones. Those recovering from addictions tend to have unstable relationships, and they can jeopardize the calm and secure atmosphere that the staff would like to engender.

The Cost

Some facilities offer this safe environment for a hefty price because they have amenities that people would expect to find in a five-star hotel. Those who have experienced financial devastation due to their addictions can find affordable sober living facilities that offer them an aftercare option that will provide them with what they will need to survive without drugs or alcohol.