Drug & Alcohol Rehab Guides

There are literally hundreds of different types of addiction that range from mild to moderate and could even be potentially fatal if they are left untreated.  Different drugs and substances can pose different health risks as well as psychological risks and consequences when abused.  Many drug addictions require very unique treatment methods to ensure an effective and lasting recovery.  Understanding each type of drug addiction and the treatment that is necessary to effectively overcome various types of addiction will assist you in choosing the right rehab for yourself or a loved one and can better prepare you for recovery.

The following rehab guides will help you to better understand the different types of drug addiction treatment that are available to assist you.  You’ll learn how to recognize addiction, determine if you are addicted to a drug, figure out what type of treatment (inpatient, residential, outpatient, etc) is going to be most suited to your needs and what you can expect when you go into treatment.

Drug addiction is a scary and potentially deadly condition but you are not alone in your fight!  Thousands of people suffer from drug addiction and seek help at drug rehab centers each and every day, you can too!

Alcohol Guide

Rehab Guides

Let our rehab guide help you find the treatment you need.

Find out what you can expect when you enter into an alcohol rehab program, what alcohol detox will feel like and how to recognize the early signs of alcohol addiction in this guide to alcohol.  Alcohol addiction is a potentially fatal disease but you can get the help you need in an alcohol rehab program that provides specialized care for your unique needs.

Ambien Guide

Ambien is a drug that is commonly prescribed for patients who have trouble sleeping, but this drug is also highly addictive and difficult to stop using.  Find out what to expect if you use Ambien, how to tell if you or someone you love is addicted to Ambien and also what will happen in Ambien rehab.

Ativan Guide

Ativan is an anti-anxiety medication that is prescribed to people with various forms of anxiety as well as ADHD.  This medication is highly addictive and will have similar effects to Xanax when the drug is no longer taken.  Find out what you can expect when you enter rehab for Ativan addiction.

Cocaine Guide

Cocaine is one of the most widely abused drugs in the world and results in a potentially deadly addiction.  This terrible addiction causes extreme financial hardship, relationship problems and a whole world of depression.

Crack Guide

One of the cheapest and most highly addictive substances in the world, crack addiction takes control of the lives of millions of people who wish they could stop but despite their desire to quit just can’t.  Crack rehab provides these people with the support and care necessary to help them quit smoking crack and heal from the pain that this terrible drug addiction has caused.

Crystal Meth Guide

Crystal meth is also known as a bathtub drug and is relative cheap to manufacture and highly addictive.  Meth rehab provides the best possible chance for an individual who is addicted to methamphetamine to take back control of their life, regain the mental well-being and be healthy again.

Drug Rehab Guide

Men and women and even teens suffer from drug addiction all around the world.  Many of these people will require the help of a drug rehab center in order to fully overcome their addiction and take back what matter most—their lives!

Ecstasy Guide

Ecstasy is a widely abused part drug that can result in death.  Recognizing the signs of ecstasy abuse is the key to getting the treatment that an individual needs before it’s too late.  Parents especially should be able to recognize the signs that become evident when their teen is using this drug.

Heroin Guide

Injectable, smokable, snortable and all potentially lethal, heroin claims the lives of thousands of people each year.  Learn about the methods used in heroin rehab to help patients overcome heroin addiction once and for all.

Klonopin Guide

Klonopin is commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and seizures.  This medication is highly addictive and causes effects similar to alcohol.  Find out what a Klonopin rehab center can do to help you recover from this addiction.

Marijuana Guide

Although marijuana is not considered the most dangerous drug, it is considered a gateway drug that leads people to use and abuse other substances.  Marijuana rehab typically focuses mostly on psychological treatment but may include treatment for mild to moderate physical addiction too.

Morphine Guide

Widely used in medical settings for the treatment of pain, morphine is a highly addictive drug that is often taken in a pill form or injected.  Drug rehab centers that provide treatment for morphine addiction focus their efforts on the physical and psychological aspects of this addiction.

Opium Guide

Opium is a type of opiate that is not typically as dangerous as some of the other derivatives of this drug but can still cause a highly addictive situation.  People who use opium are at an increased risk of a number of health conditions and ailments including heart disease and organ failure.

Oxycontin Guide

Oxycontin is a widely prescribed pain relieving medication that is also very addictive in nature.  Rehab centers that treat Oxycontin addiction focus first on detox and the physical aspects of the addiction followed by the psychological aspects of the addiction.

Percocet Guide

Percocet addiction results from the use of the analgesic drug that is often snorted, taken orally or injected.  Percocet rehab centers provide treatment for this addiction in the form of detox, counseling and aftercare.

Prescription Drug Guide

Prescription medications and the subsequent addiction that comes from the use of these medications are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  Prescription drug addiction has become a pandemic and has swept the nation.  Rehab centers can help.

Valium Guide

A mild sedative that is often prescribed to treat anxiety and muscle spasms, Valium abuse can lead to an addiction that is difficult to treat and dangerous to live with.  Rehab centers will focus their efforts on helping the patient overcome the physical components of the addiction first followed by the psychological aspects of the addiction.

Vicodin Guide

Vicodin is prescribed to treat pain and mild forms of sleep disorders but is also a highly addictive substance.  Abuse of this drug can quickly lead to addiction and the subsequent need for drug addiction treatment.

Xanax Guide

Xanax addiction is often the result of a patient being legitimately prescribed Xanax to treat anxiety.  The addiction that results is often difficult to treat and may take 6 months or more of addiction rehabilitation before the patient will fully recover.