My Family Doesn’t Think I Have a Problem: 5 Reasons to Seek Help Anyway

Alcoholism and addiction deeply impacts the entire family.  Covering up the addiction is at the root of the sickness.  Lying, omissions and innuendo are woven into every fiber of an addict’s life.  Thus, when it is time for help, sometimes family members can be resistant.  Often, addicts are so good at hiding, the family is completely taken aback that a problem even exists.  If this is your situation, seek help anyway!

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1. Addiction is a Family Illness

When someone is addicted, life becomes a series of games with the moves changing to meet the new rules of the daily game.  Sometimes an addict can become so distant that family members are unable to discern the true from the false.  Gradually, family interactions become distorted and spouses, children and parents can be completely delusional with just how far gone an addiction has become.  Finding help for the family can be an important step in assisting an addict in maintaining sobriety.

2. Dishonesty, Delusion, Denial

Seek Help Anyway

Addicts can sometimes hide their problem so well, no one realizes they have an addiction.

Sometimes it is hard to uncover the subtle dishonesty that allows a family member to be in such denial of a sometimes obvious problem.  If you are reading this, perhaps you are having a moment of break-through clarity.  Look for the following signs of dishonesty in addiction that may have affected your family members’ abilities to see the truth:

  • Hiding substances
  • Misreporting the frequency and amount of use
  • Being dishonest about feelings and thoughts
  • Avoiding family situations when impaired
  • Desperately working to maintain control

3. What’s the Harm in a Sober Life?

Ultimately, seeking a clean and sober way of life is healthy.  Drugs and alcohol take a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toll on a person.  Thus, even without the support of family and friends, seeking sobriety is a better option for everyone.  If family members are truly unsupportive, this may be a sign of an even deeper problem.

Benefits of Family Inclusion in Addiction Treatment

4. Family Counseling

Seeking help regardless of one’s family support is critical for an addict.  Treatment programs often have family recovery options available as a component of therapy.  Usually, in patient rehab programs offer family days and set up family counseling upon completion of drug rehab.  There are even 12-step recovery programs available for families of addicts and alcoholics to help with ongoing recovery.

5. Ongoing Recovery Options for Everyone

In addition to Nar-Anon and Al-Anon, other recovery options are available for family members of those suffering with addiction troubles.  Regardless of whether your family is supportive or if they even acknowledge a problem, reaching out for help can save your life.  Trusting the recovery process and allowing addiction specialists to introduce family recovery can be the best way to set loved ones on a new path toward a better life. Give our treatment specialists a call at 888-414-2380 (Who Answers?) to get started. 


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