5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interventionist

If you are attempting to plan an intervention for a loved one, you may have asked yourself whether or not it is necessary to hire a professional interventionist. Below are five benefits of choosing this course of action and how an individual with these credentials can help you plan a more successful intervention.

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1. They Understand Drug Addiction.

According to the NIDA, “Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs.” Because of this, it can be difficult to help a drug addicted individual when you do not understand the situation fully. An interventionist has received professional training, not only in the planning of these meetings, but in understanding the reasons why drug addiction occurs, how the disease works, and what the best course of action is regarding treatment, recovery, etc.

2. They are a Neutral Party.

drug addiction intervention

An interventionist can help ensure that your family intervention goes smoothly.

Having your friends and family members confront you and tell you that you need to seek help can be devastating. In many instances, blaming and anger can occur on both sides as a result of the intense relationships involved and all their complexities. However, the interventionist is a neutral individual who has no personal stake in the situation. Because of this, they are able to reach out to both the addict and their loved ones and find a common ground.

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3. They Have Experience.

Interventionists have experience with these types of situations which most individuals do not. Therefore, they will be able to see when conversations are leading down a bad road. These individuals can steer the situation into a safer place and help avoid issues by using their experience with interventions to guide them. Also, because they have been through these situations before, they are able to help you plan the meeting in a way that avoids many pitfalls before the discussion even starts.

4. They Can Lead the Meeting.

Some individuals still choose to lead the conversation themselves while merely having a professional interventionist present. But often, when an interventionist guides the meeting, this takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of friends and family members who are not fully comfortable with the task. Interventionists are also less likely to become upset by the situation where the addict’s loved ones might be swayed by their emotions; the former trait often translates better into strong leadership.

5. They Provide Credibility.

Many addicted individuals do not want to take drug interventions seriously because it is difficult to face the fact that their loved ones feel they have a problem and should seek treatment. In some cases, these individuals try to laugh off their interventions or lie and say they will follow the rules, even when they have no intention of doing so.

A professional can add credibility to your intervention. Their presence can help the addict understand that this is a serious situation and it is not going away. Interventionists also show the addict that they won’t be manipulated. Because they are professionals themselves, they are able to show the addict that professional treatment is a necessity, not as a choice. This will allow the individual to realize that they are expected to follow the intervention with legitimate change.

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