Opium Rehab Treatment Options

If you have an opium addiction and have decided to stop using the powerful analgesic drug, you should consider getting help form an opium rehab. According to www.drugabuse.gov, people who use opium derivatives of heroin and opiates are the largest group of people who seek out drug addiction help from treatment facilities.

Opium in its raw form or any of its derivatives such as morphine, heroin, or prescription painkillers, will affect you behaviorally, physically and psychologically.

Opium is highly addictive and has a rapid dependency rate. The more you use the drug, the more you will need to take of the drug to receive the same effects of the drug.

Opium Rehab Options for You

residential rehab center for opium

At an inpatient rehab center you will live at the facility and have access to 24 hour support and care.

When choosing the right opium rehab you will have various factors that you will need to think about before deciding on a treatment facility. You should understand that finding a rehab that you feel comfortable in will play a significant role in your recovery and therefore you should make a strong effort in choosing the right rehab.

The first option you should consider and decide upon is if you wish to go to a local rehab or a rehab that is away from your hometown. You may wish for your privacy or you may wish for a complete change of scenery and therefore you would want to go to a rehab that is nowhere near your local community. However, you may wish for family visits and want to stay local so that you will have the ability to see your family and friends.

The next decision you need to make is the amount of money you can afford for treatment. Give yourself a ballpark figure and try to stick with a rehab that is in your financial range. If you have insurance you should check to see if they will cover any rehab expenses. Many insurance companies will help cover some expenses.

Now you will options of different types of opium rehabs to choose from. You should decide on the type of rehab you wish to go to help you with your addiction.

Inpatient rehab: At an inpatient rehab you will reside at the facility, usually for months at a time, and you will follow their program. You will be provided with room and board and you will be medically supervised to ensure you have a safe and healthy detox. In addition, you will be provided with a team of professionals which will include a doctor and therapist and you will have all of your health care needs met.

There are short term inpatient rehabs which usually last no more than 6 month and there are long term inpatient rehabs that usually last for a year of more. Long term inpatient rehabs will be to your liking if you have been addicted to opium for years and if you feel you will need the longest amount of time to help you stay clean from the drug. If you are of a religious faith, you may opt to go to a religious based inpatient rehab facility to help you feel more at peace through your detox.

Outpatient rehab: If you have a family that needs you to be home every night, or if you have a job or responsibility that you cannot leave for months at a time, you may want to go to an outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehabs will provide you with the same resources as an inpatient rehab except it will be up to you to stay clean once you leave the program for the day and it will be up to you to show up to your treatment. Outpatient programs are a great source of privacy as well. If you attend an outpatient program you can still accomplish all of your daily activities without anyone knowing the difference.

Once you have decided on what type of rehab you would like to go to, you can then visit and research your rehab options and deicide on which one is the best choice for you.