10 Signs You Need Xanax Addiction Treatment

Xanax (alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine medication that is widely prescribed in the United States for anxiety and stress-related disorders. Its therapeutic use for relaxation and sedation are often surpassed by its use for other purposes, making it one of the most abusive medications in the benzodiazepine class of drugs.

If you are using Xanax, you may not be aware of the impact that this drug can have on your life and the following, are 10 signs you need Xanax addiction treatment:

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1.) Long-Term Use of Xanax

Therapeutic doses of Xanax for short term intervals of 2 – 4 weeks can be helpful and safe in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety, but, continued use often leads to more difficulties than the user is prepared for. You may need help if your symptoms have gotten worse or you are still trying to use Xanax longer than this.

2.) Increasing Dosages beyond Therapeutic Levels

Xanax has a relatively short half-life of about 4-6 hours which means you may need to take the drug several times a day. Taking more than prescribed or more often is a sign of abuse which can be dangerous. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, in 2011, there were an estimated 123,744 emergency department visits involving nonmedical use of Xanax.

3.) Difficulty Stopping

Quitting is difficult and you may be thinking that without the Xanax you might lose control. It can gain that much power over you because withdrawals are like an emotional rollercoaster and the psychologically painful symptoms can endure for months.

4.) Protecting Supplies

If you find yourself hiding your pills or becoming overly anxious about getting your next prescription you need to seek help. Call 800-895-1695 toll free for help today.

5.) Secretive Use

xanax abuse

If you are secretive about your drug use and lie about it you may have become addicted.

You need help if you have come to recognize the negative effects of Xanax and still use it, albeit secretively, to avoid any confrontations or discouragement from others.

6.) Fraudulently Obtaining Prescriptions

Forgery, theft, lying to your doctor, or doctor shopping to get more Xanax is a sign you need Xanax addiction treatment for your use despite the consequences.

7.) Paradoxical Effects

Xanax elicits its effects on multiple brain systems that alter many physical and psychological processes as well as behaviors and personalities of the user. If, instead of producing a calming sensation, Xanax causes you to become agitated, anxious, or nervous, these are, but forewarnings, of the dangerous possibilities that can occur.

8) Using Xanax Recreationally

Using Xanax to get high or to enhance the effects of other substances is a sure sign you need Xanax addiction treatment.

9.) Using Xanax Despite Harm, Risk, or Consequence

You need Xanax addiction treatment if you are continuing to use Xanax although it impairs your ability to live a productive and satisfying life and causes distress to you or others in any way.

10.) Compulsive Use

If you are unable to control your use of Xanax, you need help. Things will only get worse down the line.

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