Are there Christian Counseling Services for Addiction Recovery?

Faith is a fundamental basis for those who come in servitude to God, and by this faith, comes peace, grace, healing, and restoration to the many who receive help through Christian counseling services. The counselors are not in the business of trying to convert those who are not Christians, but, rather as servants of God, to help those who are struggling.

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Consequences of Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol takes its prisoners whether they are Christian or not, and during addiction recovery, every addict has a strong need of hope and guidance to get over their pitfalls.

Addiction strips a person of their confidence, self-worth, and ability to cope with normal life struggles. After a while, the addict’s focus is turned toward craving, seeking, obtaining, and using the drugs or alcohol over their conscience, well-being, and despite any consequences.

It causes illness, destruction of families, freedom, financial, housing, and employment losses; and makes it difficult for the person to supply their most basic needs. Self-medication becomes their only source of optimism as they lose touch with who they are or want to be.

What Are Christian Counseling Services

When it comes to doing God’s work in Christian counseling services, everyone is equal and through pastoral counseling, prayer, counselors, and other clergy members, the person is supported and guided through whatever their issues in life have become.

While Christian counseling services are spiritual in nature, their focus is to help the person identify those areas in their life where positive changes are needed and where they can find the strength, compassion, and gentle assurance to help them build solid foundations within their inner beings, environments, and relationships with others.

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spiritual rehab

Christian counseling and treatment helps you find recovery through your faith in God.

The Bible is a moral compass and Christian counseling services help shift the focus from the pain, consequences, and desires to use to acceptance, recovery, grace, and hope. Helping the person to embrace life with spiritual learning and healthy behavioral practices improves their ability to understand themselves, while withstanding the obstacles that face them in their recovery and their future.

How Do Christian Counseling Services Help?

Christian counseling services can “zero-in” on the most overwhelming issues and help the person find comfort, guidance, and support through trustworthy sources and biblical teachings, in doing the right things, and knowing they are not alone.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Matching treatment settings, interventions, and services to an individual’s particular problems and needs is critical to his or her ultimate success in returning to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and society.” Comprehensive care for the medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual recovery of an individual is of all-around importance and caring for one element without the other can prove insufficient in maintaining long-term abstinence.

With individualized care, Christian counseling services can enhance and influence recovery motivations by providing referrals and help accessing resources for education, vocational training and employment, family counseling, medical, psychiatric, and outreach agencies to help improve the person’s quality of life.

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