Is it Percocet Addiction? 10 Common Symptoms of Percocet Addiction

Percocet addiction doesn’t take very long to set in, especially if an individual is taking the drug simply as a means of recreational escape. Regular use of percocet, as prescribed or for recreational purposes, can lead to addiction. If you think that someone you know may be abusing percocet, consider these common symptoms of percocet addiction you surefire sign that they need help:

  1. Lack of Control Over Percocet Use
  2. feeling obsessed with having percocet and always keeping a supply
  3. going through great lengths to get percocet such as lying or stealing money for drugs
  4. feeling as if you cannot cope without percocet
  5. feeling sick or suffering from withdrawal symptoms when not taking percocet
  6. lacking physical appearance, no longer taking care of ones self
  7. changing friendships or the patterns of spending time with family in order to use drugs
  8. complaining about not feeling good for no apparent reason
  9. declining performance in work, at school or at home
  10. avoiding regular routines or spending time with loved ones in order to use drugs

Getting Help

prescription drug abuse

Percocet abuse can lead to addiction and related health issues.

If you have noticed any of these possible percocet addiction signs in someone you care about, the best thing that you can to for them is offer them support and help. Many users will deny that they have a problem and will not be open or willing to accept your help—but you should still try.

Confront your loved one about the problem and the signs that you have noticed, ask him or her if addiction is a problem. If the answer is automatically no, consider seeking professional help to clear things up. If the individual doesn’t deny that he or she is addicted to percocet, consider seeking professional treatment options to help him or her recover.

Many different types of treatment for percocet addiction can be found in recovery centers. Some provide around-the-clock care while others simply provide support and counseling as needed. The right type of treatment for yourself or someone you love who suffers from percocet addiction will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • how bad the addiction is
  • whether there are other health problems
  • whether there are other problems with substance abuse
  • how much you can afford for treatment
  • how committed you are
  • what kind of support you will have from friends and family

Ultimately, you’ll choose inpatient or outpatient treatment to help you get sober. Percocet addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life and it doesn’t have to remain a major player in your life forever. Getting the help that you need and taking the steps to recovery can be both rewarding and life saving – seek help today.