Is Inpatient Drug Rehab Right for Me?

According to, in 2010 22.6 million Americans aged 12 or older used illicit drugs. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, opiates, or stimulants like cocaine or crystal meth, inpatient drug rehab may be your best option at making a full and healthy recovery.

There are various types of treatment programs that people can choose from when they decide they need help coming clean from their addiction; one of these options is an inpatient drug rehab.

Deciding whether an Inpatient Drug Rehab is right for you

Deciding what type of help you want to assist you with detoxing from your drug of choice is an important decision to make.

Questions that may run through your mind may be…Should I quit cold turkey? Should I tell my friends or family? Should I ask for help?

Here is what you should know; any person that has developed an addiction to a drug will go through withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your drug of choice your symptoms may not be extremely physical but they may be psychological, and psychological symptoms are very hard for a person to deal with alone. This is why there are many programs out there, even free programs that provide assistance to those people who need help coming off of a drug addiction.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

Inpatient drug rehab can help give you the around the clock care you need.

An inpatient drug rehab will require you to live on the premises for a period of time while you detox from the drug as well as until you regain your strength and mentality after you have been off of the drug for a while.

What Resources Do Inpatient Drug Rehabs have?

For starters, inpatient drug rehabs will have the medicine and the medical professionals that will help you deal with the physical withdrawals during your detox process. They will also provide you with a psychiatrist to speak with and most of them include group therapy sessions to discuss your hardships, if you so choose, with other peers who are going through the same troubles as you.

An inpatient drug rehab will have people available for you to talk to 24/7 and they will have activities and schedules for you to adhere to daily so that you will have objectives and goals to work towards each day and keep your mind busy. Once you are admitted to an inpatient drug rehab you will no longer have any type of access to your drug and you will have to begin your detox process, but with the help of all of the professional staff it will be easier than trying to detox at home by yourself.

Other Options

If you do not want to go to an inpatient drug rehab you always have the option of going to an outpatient center, which will provide you with many of the same resources but you will be able to leave whenever you want and go home. The main difference between an inpatient and outpatient program is that at an inpatient rehab you will have to come clean because you will not access to your drug of choice at any point, on the other hand at an outpatient rehab you will have access to your drug and will have to obtain the willpower to stay away from it while out in the community.