Are there Really Free Drug Addiction Treatment Options?

If you’re considering drug addiction treatment options but you already know that money is tight and there’s no possible way that you can afford expensive therapy and counseling, free treatment may be on your mind. But are there really free drug addiction treatment options available and do they really work?

While you may find it difficult to find an array of free options available to serve you, there are some free treatment programs which can assist you in your recovery – you just have to know where to look and what to look for. According to SAMHSA, nearly 10% of all treatment programs in the country offer completely free services, many more provide partially free services while even more offer low-cost solutions on a sliding fee scale.

Know What to Look for

If you’re already considering treatment, than chances are you already know what you need—you need help that is going to provide you with the support, medical care and advice necessary to sustain your sobriety and remain abstinent from drug or alcohol use. Here’s what you should look for when seeking a free addiction treatment program:

affordable rehab

You can find an affordable or free rehab program.

  • Amenities that suit your living style
  • Counseling and therapy that is aimed at assisting you in developing the skills to cope and remain sober
  • A facility that is accredited, safe and clean
  • Therapists and doctors who are properly licensed to provide treatment

Finding Free Treatment

Many free addiction treatment programs are state or government backed; others are non-profit organizations which are sometimes ran by a church or other community program. Free treatment is in high demand because people who become addicted to drugs often suffer great financial loss before they reach rock bottom and begin to ascend back into reality and seek help. As such, finding a free program that actually has availability to assist you can be challenging, but not impossible.

  • Do your homework – seek free addiction treatment online through websites such as SAMHSA or other free services that will provide direct referrals for help.
  • Ask someone – you will be surprised at how many people you may already know who have either been in your position or who know someone who has been in your position in the past. Talk to your friends and family and ask them if they know of any free options for treatment.
  • Be open – your church may provide these services or offer a subsidy that can assist you, your local community advocacy service may be able to help, or the local court may be able to assist you.

Whether you are having trouble finding treatment, you are having trouble determining the best course of treatment, or you just need someone to talk to – we can help!