Percocet Rehab Programs for Seniors

Percocet is a powerful painkiller containing oxycodone and acetaminophen. It is usually prescribed to people who are dealing with moderate to severe pain. As a person gets older their bones become more fragile causing many elderly people to experience bone fractures, in addition, many elderly people have to deal with back and hip pain due to their body’s breakdown of muscle and bone. When this happens, they will most likely be prescribed painkillers to help them deal with the pain.

Although the majority of senior citizens do not first take Percocet for its euphoric effects, many of them become addicted to the drug after using it for a while and begin to form strong dependencies to the drug.

According to USA Today: Health and Science, prescription drug abuse is a quiet problem that takes place in the elderly population. Many elderly people do not want to admit, or do not know how to admit, that they have a drug problem, yet it is estimated that around 17% of the elderly population has a drug or alcohol addiction.

Percocet Rehab for Senior Citizens

senior addiction recovery

Seniors, who are often prescribed painkillers, are prone to Percocet addiction.

Rehab is a place where people can go and receive the help they need for their drug addiction. It is a common misconception that rehab and drug addiction is only meant for younger people, but that is not the case. There is an abundance of rehabs that solely exist for the rehabilitation of the elderly population who struggle with drug addictions.

Percocet drug addiction is powerful and is hard on a person both mentally and physically. When a person stops taking Percocet after forming an addiction to the drug, they will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with a person’s body detoxing from Percocet include, nausea, excessive vomiting, muscle aches, headaches, diarrhea, uncontrollable shaking, cold sweats, runny nose, anxiety, depression, and rapid mood swings.

An elderly person’s body has different needs and requirements that have to be accommodated for when receiving any type of medical treatment, this includes detoxing from Percocet. At a Percocet rehab an elderly person will receive mental health treatment as well as medical treatment to help them through their Percocet detox. Percocet detox can be a painful and mentally exhausting experience for anybody to go through and being that the elderly’s bodies are more fragile, it is important for a senior addicted to Percocet to seek out help from a Percocet rehab.